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A popular new bistro called Jeff’s Club House opened up recently at May Branch Square on Old Greenwood Road.

Jeff’s Club House at 2801 Greenwood Road, Suite 16, has received high marks for its fresh salads, wraps, soups and sandwiches and developed a loyal following in the Saturday brunch buffet. In the former Gourmet Gallery suite, Jeff’s Club House shows off Fort Smith landmarks in a collection of black-and-white photographs.

There’s seating for about 75 people at Jeff’s, and as its name would imply, the Club House is a sandwich-lovers paradise with everything from a D.B.L.T. (Double Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) to Ralph’s Cuban with ham and pulled pork. Sandwich sleuths will notice that Ralph’s Cuban is directly tied to Ralph’s Pink Flamingo BBQ in the same shopping center. Ralph Taylor has won awards for his barbecue and passed down some secrets to his son, Jeff Taylor, at Jeff’s Club House.