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In the Fort Smith Region, you’ll find a unity of purpose — a unity of community. We share a drive to build something unique and special for ourselves, our families and our businesses.

With world-class natural amenities surrounding us and a historical legacy of tenacity and determination, we understand the future of our region is about realizing and capitalizing on that vast potential.

The Fort Smith Region’s scenic beauty is a hallmark of our quality of life, but it is certainly not our only outstanding asset. Fort Smith is also noted for the strong work ethic of its citizens, the clean and progressive industry that drives the economy, a burgeoning tourism trade, a thriving business and retail base and a strong agricultural and manufacturing tradition.

>>College Grads Make Up 18% Of Region’s Workforce

Our energy, water and available land combined with a lower cost of living keeps the Fort Smith Region at one of the best Cost of Doing Business (CDB) ratios in the nation. In fact, Fort Smith has been ranked by Forbes Magazine as the No. 6 city in America for cost of doing business based on cost of labor, energy, taxes and office space. And, of course, business leaders also praise the region’s transportation assets, communication facilities, mild climate, high quality of life, recreational opportunities and its natural scenic beauty.

The Fort Smith Region has an economy blessed with a stable and diverse industrial base.

The location of such a progressive industry in the area is no accident. Economic development doesn’t just happen. In Fort Smith, you will find a continually improving, vital economy that is diverse in its makeup and regionally inclusive in its approach.

Developing business infrastructure has been a priority in our region for more than a decade. It has helped bring both current and prospective business and manufacturing opportunities into our area. It is a long-term solution that secures an uninterrupted supply chain and manufacturing support.

Business and industry are drawn to the area by our strong pro-business climate, nationally recognized schools, outstanding medical facilities, one of the lowest cost of living indexes and a labor force that ranks as one of the best in the nation with regard to productivity and ethical standards.

As one of the largest and most diversified business communities in Arkansas, the Fort Smith Region draws its workforce from more than six counties in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Working with our community partners in a six-county area allows our businesses the ability to take advantage of a larger market of consumers as well as the number of qualified workers available for employment. The region boasts a labor force of skilled, productive individuals with more than 80 percent of the workforce having an education level of high school or higher and more than 18 percent having a bachelor’s degree or higher. The Fort Smith Region is known for its outstanding work ethic and labor force, which have helped Fort Smith alone see the creation of thousands of jobs. The Fort Smith regional community provides a talent pool of more than 300,000 who live, work and play while continuing to develop world-class products and innovations.

Our sense of community combined with a strong work ethic helps our region deliver the goods.

The Fort Smith Region is all about people, place and progress. Explore what our region has to offer and surround your business with greater opportunity.